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B Vitamins

Acts as a coenzyme in converting glucose into energy in muscles and nerves

Acts as coenzymes FMN & FDN in converting protein, fats & sugars into energy.

Needed to repair and maintain body tissue and mucous membranes

Acts in conversion of tryptyphane to nicotinic acid .

Acts as the coenzyme form Pyridoxal-5-phosphate in amino acid metabolism and in all other functions.

Needed for formation of brain substances and nerve impulses

Used in blood formation, energy production, and nerve impulse transmission

Is an anti-depressant and anti-allergy

Needed for synthesis of DNA and the basis of body cells

Maintains a healthy myelin sheath (nerve insulator)

Detoxifies cyanide in food and tobacco smoke


Builds and maintains healthy bones and teeth

Controls excitability of nerves and muscles

Controls conduction of nerve impulses

Controls contraction of heart and other muscles

Assists in process of blood clotting

Controls blood cholesterol levels

Assists in absorption of B12


Necessary for a healthy metabolism


In haemoglobin acts as oxygen carrier in red blood cells

In myoglobin acts as oxygen reservoir in muscles

In body cells acts in oxygen transfer in cytochromes

Protects against peroxide poison

Used in developing resistance to infection


Cofactor in energy production and cell replication, also for vitamins B1 and B6.

Stabilizes body cell structure

Used in growth, repair and maintenance of body cells.


Structural components of bones and teeth

Used in the production of energy including via burning sugar

Cofactor for many enzymes

Activator for vitamin B complex

Aids in absorption of diet

Maintains alkalinity of blood

Component of RNA and DNA

Tyrosine & Tryptophan

Mood Stabilizers




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