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Ingredients we won't use

Animal Derivatives Hides, hooves, horns, pig bristles, feathers, wool, hair & fur indigestible
Beet Pulp Reduces ability to digest proteins, fat and iron Mal-absorption can lead to malnutrition

Chocolate or chocolate substitute

Theobromine in all chocolate & is poisonous to dogs

Causes cardiac arythmia leading to myocardial infarction & death

Coffee/Caffeine Theobromine found in caffeine is poisonous to dogs Causes cardiac arythmia leading to myocardial infarction & death


effects the transport of serotonin to the brain

Negatively effects behaviour


Cannot be broken down for digestion, can stick to the wall of the digestive tract - Toxic

Damages wall of gastro-intestinal tract leading to ulcers

Toxic accumulation results in skin rashes, itching & excess shedding

related to digestive problems: Colitis, Crohn's Disease, Irritable Bowel Syndrome, Leaky Gut Syndrome

Known to lead to Autoimmune disease & Epilepsy

  Depresses digestibility of other ingredients Mal-absorption, can lead to malnutrition
  Known Allergenic Cause of Allergies
Grapes/Raisins Large quantities are toxic, however in some dogs as few as 5 raisins have lead to renal failure leads to kidney failure
Macadamia Nuts Toxic between 6 & 40 nuts can kill your dog
Onions Thiosulphate in large quantities is toxic Toxic
Pips/Stones Pips from Apples, Apricots, Peaches, cherries and plums contain cyanide Toxic
Potato Extremely high in starch Dogs are starch intolerant, high quantities can lead to ulcers & bloat
Added Salt Excesses are toxic

Increases blood pressure

causes dehydration


Increases glomerular filtration rate

Inhibits protein digestion

Leads to allergic reactions

Prevents use of vital minerals

can produce serious gastric distress, reduced protein digestion and chronic deficiencies in amino acid uptake

enlargement and pathological conditions of the pancreas, including cancer

Causes Blood clotting

Growth inhibitor

Linked to bloat

Silica kidney stones

Thyroid damage


Sugar or sugar substitute

Dogs do not produce salivary enzymes to remove sugar from their teeth

Sugar is not well dealt with by the dogs digestive tract

many sugar substitutes are fatally toxic to dogs

Bad teeth & gums which are connected with heart disease

Fatal toxicity

Walnuts The mould that grows on walnuts is poisonous to dogs Lead to liver failure, seizures & death


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