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Healthful Pet Mince

Our Raw Mince Diet has been specially formulated to provide the maximum benefits of natural nutrition to your dog.


Just add Raw Meaty Bones

Ingredients: Minced Chicken, Waterloo Cottage Farm Free Range Minced Lamb, Broccoli, Pepper, Carrot, Apple, Mushroom, Alfalfa, Egg, Blackberry, Cottage Cheese, Live Yogurt, Extra Virgin Olive Oil, Cold Pressed Linseed Oil, Herbs & Garlic

Protein: 16% Oil: 14% Fibre: 1% Moisture: 69% Ash: 5%

Keep Frozen. Once defrosted refrigerate & use within 24-36 hrs

Not for human consumption

Feeding guidelines per day per size of dog please adjust as necessary

Small/Medium ¼-½pk - Medium/large ½-1 pk - large/giant 1-2 pks 

Suitable for animals from 5-6 weeks of age, may be given to pregnant/lactating bitches


We also do diets for Hedgehogs and Cats.



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